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CalCoolio is a unique financial application, which will assist you in making the right investment decisions.

Performs very complex calculations yet is easy to use.

For financial advisors and clients

Counts with fees, indexation, and inflation

Quick overview of your finances over time

Always at hand (phone and tablet)

Finances under Control

CalCoolio helps to manage a healthy structure of deposits and investments. Even a small change made today can affect your future financial security.

Easy to use

You don't need a broad knowledge of the financial mathematics. Simply enter the amount of your investment deposits, valorization, investment horizon, the required amount of annuity and the potential indexation as well as inflation. Immediately you will see whether the result meets your expectations.

What About Your Portfolio?

Discover what CalCoolio has to say about the profit feasibility of a particular portfolio. Insert the investment instruments that you use according to the strategic allocation and let CalCoolio model them to see if your goals are real.

You Won´t be Able to Count this Yourself

CalCoolio will perform 1000** simulations for you of the possible portfolio developments. It uses a combination of statistical methods (Monte Carlo and the licensed QUANT algorithm of P. Kohout and A. Michl) as well as the historical data. Thanks to this, you will discover the real probability of meeting your defined portfolio goals.

* CalCoolio does not take into account individual portfolio management fees.
** This number of simulations is included only in the paid version of the app.

CalCoolio was created and developed thanks to a team of expert professionals with more than 15 years of practice and experience in financial and IT industries.

Throughout the development process a prominent Czech economist and journalist Pavel Kohout, has been part of the team. He is the author of the licensed algorithm that CalCoolio uses in order to predict the possible asset development.

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