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You'll be amazed at what CalCoolio can do.

From the elementary financial mathematics to challenging investment simulations.

One-time Deposits

Include up to five one-time deposits to your calculation throughout the course of an investment horizon.

Periodic Deposits

Include up to three periodic deposits to your calculation throughout the course of an investment horizon.


CalCoolio can project inflation into your goals, regardless of whether it is a one-time objective or a periodic annuity.

Compound Interest

CalCoolio can easily handle compound interests, which are a non-trivial mathematical task. No wonder Albert Einstein considered it to be the eighth wonder of the world.

For example, you can calculate your expected yield, required amount of investment, and compare your current assets to those you will wish to have.


To manage your annuity goal by retirement is amongst the highlights of your financial planning. CalCoolio will help you with this task, just like the onboard computer helped Apollo 11 land safely on the moon.

Indexation „Real Value“

The advice to put aside €500 a month for the next 30 years usually tends to terrify a client. On the other hand, the advice to start with €250 per month and increase the amount by 5% each year, will lead to the same goal and at the same time be more comprehensible for the client.


All results shown are detailed and clearly displayed in the chart as well as in the graph.


CalCoolio is able to account for any means of payment to charge entry fees.

CalCoolio is a sophisticated tool that can handle a variable range of charges, including, for example, the individually definable volume charges. It also allows for multiple types of deposits or investments to be entered simultaneously, including the differentiation of their time horizon.

It can calculate the expected depreciation of money by inflation during the specified timeframe and the nominal or real annuity, which can be expected from these funds. All this by simple user-friendly interface with easy manageability on your iOS tablet and phone.

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