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42,99 €

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Designed for financial planning professionals who give their clients only the best solutions

3x One-time Deposit

5x Periodic Deposits

YES - Shifting the Starting Time Horizon

YES - Indexation

1 000x Number of Simulations

Full - Portfolio




Designed for personal use or the start of your successful consulting business

1x One-time Deposit

3x Periodic Deposits

NO - Shifting the Starting Time Horizon

NO - Indexation

100x Number of Simulations

Limited - Portfolio

(Applicable only to US Large-Cap and Money Market)
Requires iOS 11.0 and MacOS 10.15 or later. Compatibility iPhone, iPad, 64-bit processor.
Purchasing an iOS license does not entitle you to use a MacOS license and vice versa. To use the PROFESSIONAL version of the application on both platforms simultaneously, it is necessary to purchase a license for each platform separately.

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